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An online coven for sisterhood, healing, and self-love.

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Why Join The Goddess Life Membership?

It's simple.

Because as women, we are natural born nurturers.

We tend to everyone else's garden, except for our own.

We put other's needs as a priority over ours.


Our businesses, our children, our partners...


We forget that in order for us to show up as our best selves to those around us...

Which is ultimately what everyone wants

(because, well hormones)


We must fill up our cup first.

You know, put our oxygen masks on before we help others.


And it's totally okay that we have been doing this because it is how we were taught to be.

We were taught to be all the things. 

All at once.

Make the husband a sandwich, wash his laundry, be a good mom, make sure you're healing the whole damn family, tribe, plant, animal, home...


You get the point.


It is time we make time for us.

Put ourselves first and then jump out into the world and say,




It is time we take off all the hats we wear and check in with where we are at. Take a full inventory of what is going on within our very core essence.


Are we truly happy?

Are all of our needs being met?

Are we fulfilled in the careers that we are in?


What is your truth in this moment sister?

Where can we support you as a badass collective force of women who are also just trying to figure this whole life thing out...


The new way.


The way of the feminine.


With grace, gratitude, compassion, and vulnerability.


That is what The Goddess Life Membership is all about!

As a member, each month you will receive:

Live Workshops

Live workshops with fellow Modern Mystics and leaders in their field of study.

Moon Rituals

Live Moon Rituals and Ceremonies guided by Nixie Marie


Weekly guided meditations to support your mental and emotional well being.


As a member you will recieve chances to win exclusive givaways and prizes!

Each month there will be a specific theme that will be chosen

based on the energy report and astrological forecast! 

Within each woman is a Goddess of wisdom deeply connected to the phases of the moon,

the heart of the earth, and the tide of the sea.

All we need to do is remember."

-Gwendolyn La Fae


"My experience so far with membership has been so enlightening, I would love to join in on another full moon ritual soon! Along with that I’ve found your weekly guidance to be soo inspiring and I look forward to hearing it always"

"I'm a busy single mom and it's hard for me to push myself to make time to meditate and practice regularly. I enjoy the guided meditations the most each week."

Meet Your Goddess Guide

As a Sagittarius, Nixie has a constant eagerness for knowledge and truth. She began her esoteric soul-searching journey upon moving to Los Angeles in 2013.  She instantly fell in love with the ancient teachings of Goddess Magick and launched I AM Goddess Collective Podcast in January of 2017 to fulfill her efforts in sharing her findings. 


Despite the many layers of our patriarchal society, Nixie is committed to empowering women to speak up, rise up, and become the leader they are destined to be through modern magick. 


With a background in Fashion Design, Nixie is a creative force that embodies the Goddess in everything she does.