ROSE for Healing Trauma

Your heart is an essential part of being a goddess. How you treat it, how you trust it and whom you give it to is crucial in tapping into its endless and essential guidance!

Enter Rose.

Esteemed for its beauty

Cautioned for its thorns

Adored and accepted as the universal flower of love.

Trauma, heartbreak and pain lie within the walls of every heart. It’s part of the growing pains of life: breakups, sexual trauma, divorce, abuse of any kind can all trap themselves in our subconscious and create a barrier around our ability to accept love both from ourselves and from others.

A large part of the responsibility in being a witch is learning to break free from the things that bind us and hold us back from doing good and bringing light into the world. Ideas of not being good enough, shame and timidity about who we are meant to be in this life all prevent forward movement and open-heartedness.

Herbal healing is a soft nudge in “letting go”. We hear that phrase often: let go. It can be a challenge to figure out exactly how to do that, especially if we are not yet aware of what ails our heart.

Choosing to incorporate Rose into your regimen will help you achieve the answers to some of those questions.

Roses are healing to the things that “weigh” on the heart chakra. Grief, sadness, nervousness, suspicion, anger. Daily ingestion can help to soften the ideas that keep our brain bound to the concept that external stimuli will make us happy. Loss, in any capacity, can propel your heart into a state of grief and depression. We, as a society, are tied to people, places and things- seeking externally for internal happiness. Rose helps to remove those blockages so you can love more freely.

Herbal Magic is one of the easiest to incorporate, it doesn’t require any frills, just a cup and a steeper.

For a basic herbal tea just combine 2 oz of Culinary Grade Rose Petals to 8 0z of water and steep for 10 minutes. I suggest shying away from pre-packaged teas but if that is all you have access to, it's better than nothing!

If you have never worked with herbs before as a form of healing or magic. I suggest keeping a journal and incorporating herbs one at a time. Write down the feelings + thoughts that you would like to work through and every time you sit with your herbal remedy, image those feelings of negativity, pain and doubt leaving your body as though the tea rinses them away.

Make sure that you are buying CULINARY grade Rose Petals and not just drying store bought roses or using some from a neighbors garden. Roses grown for aesthetics and flower arranging are very often filled with pesticides and lots of chemicals for longevity. Culinary grade are grown for consumption.

"You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens." -Rumi

Happy Healing Goddesses!