Surviving the Saturn Return

Quality over quantity, My biggest breakthrough entering my Saturn Return…

I’m a deep tech house kinda gal. I’ve seen myself transform on a dance floor. I’ve shed wounds and stories that no longer serve me until the sun rises. On the dance floor, I have found myself time and time again. It is a place for me to get completely lost to the rhythms of my heartbeat. It’s no surprise that I met the man of my dreams while dancing, who also happens to be an incredible DJ.

With all that being said, I have a hunger for finding really really good music. I set out the intention to find music on Soundcloud or out late at night in an underground club. I’ve always been known to take over the DJ shift at parties or events. It is this feeling I have when I read the energy of a room and play something that will get the crowd to really enjoy themselves and open up through dance. Dancing is a place where we get the opportunity to release thoughts, worries, fears, and simply just be with the body.

I don’t believe I really understood that until now.

In my constant thirst for good music to dance to, I stumbled across a track the other day that led me to write this blog post. This track is by Gabriel Ananda and he shares a message throughout his set that landed for me in a really profound way. He says, “Thank you and love to my fans really, because well maybe you know I have like 5,000 Facebook fans but uh, the ones I have I feel really close to them because I don’t know we kind of understand each other I think, at least in this emotional musical way. This means a lot to me you know. I am really not focused on getting more and more and more famous and playing on the super big parties for 50,000 euros. This is really not what it is about for me. It is about being authentic, you know. I think my fans are really authentic… It’s not the usual blah blah blah.. talk or your big and struts. So realizing that makes me really happy.”

This is it right here. We live in a culture where the word MORE is at the hierarchy of our structures. But we don’t have to conform into those structures. What if we just focused on that which we have. The clients that we have now. The relationships we have now and build upon that which we already have. I have seen so far deep into the politics of our world through my career in fashion, spirituality, and even art.

“How to get more clients, how to sell more this, how to buy more of that. Sign up for this course that will teach you how to attract more into your life.” To me, this is the dark side of spirituality and I finally feel confident enough to speak my truth around it.

When I dance I come to a place where nothing exists. It is just me and the music. Time and reality becomes another plane of existence and I truly feel free. What if we approached life like we would a dance floor? Getting lost completely in the moment recognizing that everything we have right now is temporary. The constant striving to be more, have more money, gain more clients seems to me like a recipe for never really finding true happiness. Like one of my greatest mentors Jim Carrey says, “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer.” The answers we seek are inside of ourselves. I never really understood that until now. I’ve led a life full of striving to be the next big thing and I was met with exhaustion and unfulfilled desires. That is not the way.

We do not need anything more than ourselves. Once we understand that, the world is our playground to dance into our own pathway to freedom.

With love and Goddess Blessings,

Nixie Marie

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