A Witch's Perspective: 2019 Numerology Year 3 Ruler of Creative Expression

The 3 rules creative expression

It's 2019!



Out with the old and in with the new! Toss that old hag of trash out the door and never look back! Those are the vibes I am feeling as we enter this 3 year. It is surely to be the most creative year you've had, in, well, years! The 3 rules creative expression. It is a high energy number and holds the vibration of singers, artists, writers, visionaries, and dreamers. It will be a year where you will get to bring everything back to your needs and desires. After being in a two year, it might have felt like you were pleasing everyone else and helping those around you. Now the coin is flipped back to you! The three year is also about independence and communication. By turning inward and asking yourself, "What do I want?" and then communicating it to those around you, it can be a huge turning point in your success and where you are at in your life. Think back to your life in 2010. The last time we had a 3 year. What do you remember about your life? Look at where you are today and think about how far you've come. To harness the 3 energy it is time to come out of your shell. If you've always wanted to paint, draw, sing, or change your wardrobe to express yourself the this is your year babe!

Come out of that broom closet.


A Witch's Perspective on the Number 3:

Mother, Maiden, Crone

Sun, Moon, Earth

Past, Present, Future

(Hello 3 card Tarot Spread)

We witches believe in the three fold theory. That which whatever energy we put out into the world, positive or negative, it will return to us three times.

Why does three seem to rule our world? My theory is that it relates to the Yantra, or Yoni. As stated in an article by, Polona Sepe titled Yoni The Sacred Shrine of Femininity, "Yoni is symbolized by the downward-pointing triangle and can be found in many cultures and spiritual systems as the symbol of the female energy. Women actually “carry” an inverted triangle ON their bodies, called mons veneris or mound of Venus. In Sanskrit, the mound of Venus is called kama rupa."

Thus meaning we are a walking portal and gateway bringing life itself into this world. I have always been incredibly drawn to 3's. I work with 3's in many different aspects of my life. The way I draw my e's loom like 3's. I have sat on the playa at Burning Man my first year discussing the letter E and the number 3. I always use the 3rd times a charm theory when I can't seem to get it right the first few times. I truly believe 3 to be a magic number where we can bring anything into physical form with our very own alchemy using our thoughts, words, and actions. It's a way of manifesting and becoming the sorceress of our lives.

It is truly a very interesting way to dive deeper into the meaning of this year. I foresee we will have a lot of feminine energy rising into power as we have been seeing for quite some time, however it feels as if this is the year it will become real and grounded into the earth plane. 2020 being the next election year there is a very solid chance we will be seeing our first female president in the white house.

There is so much excitement and energy brewing in our cauldrons sisters. I am eager to see what magick unfolds for us all here... May this year bring you all creative energy to shine brighter than ever before... Blessings, Nixie Marie