Herb of the Month: Cleavers

Spring is here! Can you feel it? I love the energy of Spring. When I feel into Spring, I feel fresh energy. I see buds and flowers on trees. When I hike I see bunnies and butterflies abound, hummingbirds are fluttering and bees are starting to pollinate the flowers. There are lots of greens popping up like dandelions, cleavers, chickweed and nettles growing. These greens are here to help you move out of the old energy of winter. They are here to help you release, cleanse your body and energize you for new beginnings.

How do you get clarity and gain energy for Spring?

Cleavers is your medicine!

To some, cleavers (Galium Aparine) can be considered a weed, but to medicine woman like me, I know that she is a gem. You can find her growing in your yard, in empty lots or even on hiking trails. She is in abundance because she wants to help you transform any lingering energy from Winter and allow you to be rejuvenated for Spring. She is your Spring ally.


Cleavers have tiny, star-shaped, white to greenish flowers, which emerge from early spring to summer. The leaves usually grow in a cylindrical pattern of 6 leaves moving out from the center. She can grow in shady, moist areas in most areas of the United States. She can get up to 3 feet tall. Be careful. She does has have hooked hairs which are a little scratchy. These hairs help her become mobile because and stick to animals fur so their seeds can spread.


Diuretic, alternative, lymphatic, energizing, anti-inflammatory, tonic, astringent, nervine, and cooling to the body

Where to find her:

Cleavers can be found as a weed in your yard or on hiking trails. She is abundant. If she is your medicine, you will find her easily and even at the health food store.

Why use her?

Cleavers is an ally to help you get rid of stuck energy, help you gain clarity on what to do next and give you energy for the projects you want to create. Her element is water. So when you take her, you will start to release the old energy of winter, get clarity on what you want to manifest and call in. She is also a diuretic and a lymphatic which means she will make you pee more and releasing toxins out of your body.

How to use her for a Spring Cleanse?

  • Find her as fresh as possible. You can find her on hiking trails or in your front yard. If you can’t find her fresh, try your local health food store dried or tinctured. Her latin name is Galium Aparine.

  • If fresh or dried, add 2 teaspoons into 1 cup of hot water. Let steep for 15 minutes. Then remove the leaves and drink. If using a tincture add 20-30 drops and add to 1 cup of hot water to use like a tea.

  • Sit with Cleavers during your morning meditation. Set your intentions for using Cleavers.

  • Drink the tea. Be open to the medicine she will bring you.

  • Have a journal nearby just in case you want to write down any thoughts or insights that come up for you.

  • Thank Cleavers for her medicine.

If you are wanting to release old energy or want to incorporate her into your Spring cleanse, then take 3 times a day. In the morning, should be a deeper connection to the plant, and the other times, just acknowledge her presence.

I trust that Cleavers, AKA catchweed, clivers, bedstraw is beneficial medicine for Spring cleansing. I look forward to you growing a relationship with her.

Blessings abound this Spring!

Antoinette Yarrow


Antoinette Yarrow is a life mentor, herbalist, and medicine woman. She specializes in helping both men and women find amazing love, heal their sexual trauma and deficiency so they can experience heart-connective lovemaking, and prepare their bodies for pregnancy, so they can create a healthy and happy baby. She also supports women’s health related issues such as hormonal and menstrual health.