Beltane New Moon Ritual

Hello sisters! Happy May!

The energy of Beltane will continue to reverberate for the next few days as we integrate these energies. In the Pagan practices of Ireland and Scotland, Beltane is a time to honor nature, your sexuality, and fertility. This month, you can honor Beltane by honoring your own fire, fertility, and sexuality.

How do you release sexual shame that you might be carrying in your womb?

What herbs and practices can you participate in to help you ignite your fire and sexuality?

First off, in order to release sexual shame, you get to acknowledge that it is there. Maybe you have negative beliefs about your own body and ability to receive pleasure or perhaps you have experienced sexual trauma and are storing it your womb.

Here’s a powerful way to use the fire energy of Beltane to transform these energies.

  1. Write a letter to your body, asking it to transmute any ideas, people, or negative beliefs that you are carrying in your physical body, sexual body, mental body and spiritual bodies.

  2. Create a fire ritual. Fire can transmute any negative energy. Burn the letter (in a safe place). Dance. Scream if you have to. All your body to start to release any negative energy and allow the fire to burn.

  3. You can take Yarrow Flower Essence for warrior energy and boundaries, Borage flower essence for courage or Calendula Flower essence for releasing sexual shame in your second chakra. Ask the plant spirit you are working with to support you and guide you.

  4. For the rest of the month, journal about your experience because there will be some extra things you may need to process.

  5. Thank your Flower Essence allies for their support.

Second, claim your sexuality by igniting the Goddess within.

  1. How do you do this? Walk barefoot in nature. Bring in all the senses and know that nature is erotic. Sit with nature, flowers and be with them. Inside each flower is their reproductive system. Just acknowledging this allows natural sensuality to come through.

  2. Notice the natural sensual smells of flowers. The flowers can ignite that playful and pleasurable nature inside of you. Give yourself permission to receive pleasure.

  3. A good ally for bringing sensuality into your life are roses. Find some live roses. Close your eyes and smell the roses. Notice how your body feels by smelling the sweetness of the rose. Take the entire experience into your body, your body, your heart and your spirit!

  4. If you can’t find fresh roses, try rose tea and go back to the previous exercise. Rose is a nervine and will help relax you into your body, bring your spirit back into your body, bring sweetness into your life and open up the body and heart for pleasure and self love.

Last, use an herbal ally like Damiana or Maca to ignite your sexual organs.

  1. Damiana brings fire to the sexual organs, yet relaxes you in your own body so you can receive your own pleasure.

  2. Maca stimulates the sexual organs and helps support reproductive health.

  3. Take one of these herbs as a tea or tincture. If you use as a tea, steep for 15 minutes and then drink while holding your intentions.

  4. Play sensual music, move your hips and acknowledge yourself as a sensual being who deserves pleasure!

I am envisioning this May bringing you blessings of sexual empowerment, pleasure and play into your life!

With love,

Antoinette Yarrow

Antoinette Yarrow, is a transformational herbalist and medicine woman. She specializes in helping women & couple’s find love, sexual empowerment & fertility through herbal medicine, body-based practices, and ancient wisdom. She guide couple’s with empowering practices and healthy communication, so they can thrive in relationship. She also supports them with manifesting a healthy baby by increasing their fertility success. She facilitates powerful rituals for women in healing their sexual trauma so that they can experience their power and find pleasure in their bodies. Lastly, she is an herbalist with a focus on women’s health — from anxiety to reproductive and hormonal balancing, she is here to support you. If you have questions about your own sexual empowerment, book a complimentary 20 minute consult at

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