Feng Shui Holiday Guide

Feng Shui for the Holidays

Have you ever walked into a family or friends home and felt instantly at peace or comfortable as if it was your own? This is the experience of a home that has healthy vital Ch’i energy. Ch’i is the breath and life force of energy that exists in everything around us. When you are surrounded by a clean environment filled with fresh flowers, plants, and colors that induce a harmony, your energy system reacts to this vibration and instantly feels the high vibe.

As we close out this year with holiday cheer, let’s focus on the community and relationship area inside your home as these tend to be the areas we mostly focus on during these months.

The South West corner of your home is what rules the love and relationships area of your life. This is not solely related to your relationships with those on the physical, but spirit and your highest self. The best items to place in this space are those that enhance love. The Goddess Quan Yin is the best representation of energy to place inside this space. The colors that represent this area are pink, red, and white.

The East corner of your home rules the family and community area of your life. The best objects to place inside of this space are family photos or a statue of the Goddess Hera, which is the Goddess of Family and tribe. This space can also be used as a healing area of your home if you are currently working through childhood trauma or forgiveness of a loved one.

To enhance the energy of these spaces to prep for the Holidays and reduce your levels of stress, first you will want to get out a compass and find where these areas are inside your home. From there walk into each section of your home and ask yourself,

“How does this room make me feel?”

“Is this room tidy and organized or unruly and messy?”

If it feels like it could use a little facelift, then you can add some of the following items:

  • - Place two objects of the same size that relate to each other in the South West corner of your home. If you’re looking to call in more love you can place two rose quartz crystals with a photo that represents two partners or romance.

  • - To enhance the East corner of your home for healthy family life you can place a photo of your loved ones with some fresh flowers to invite their warm energy into your home.

Herbs and plants to bring into your home for the Holidays:

- Pine Needle: Place near the center section of your home to enhance your health and strength. Pine is a symbol of vitality!

- Rosemary: Place a bundle at the front of your door for protection.

- Red Roses: Keep fresh roses inside your home during the holidays and place them in the South West section of your space! Roses are symbolic of the Goddess Aphrodite and will bring you a warm sensation of love and abundance!

*Important note: Always set an intention when you place new items in your home with what you want for these items to bring into your life.

Your home is a mirror reflection of you, so show yourself some love by bringing joy into your space for the Holidays.

Happy home blessings!