Samhain Ancestor Ritual

Originating from Celtic traditions, Samhain pronounced saah-win, is considered to be the Witch's New Year. During the October months the veils between the living and the dead become thin and we are able to make contact with our ancestors in a potent and profound way.

The importance of connecting with your ancestors can vary amongst each individual. Most importantly it is an act of honoring. It is far too often we go about our life completely forgetting about those who have come before us. We are busy with our to-do lists and spending time with the people alive in our lives, that we neglect the fact that many of our ancestors have wisdom to be shared. They also have stories to be heard, healing to be had and pain to be transmuted into peace.

It is our duty to listen, tune in, close our eyes and sit in stillness to hear the whispers of our lineage. They often cary the answers to our future and the healing of our past.

Below you will find a ritual to perform on or before Samhain which also lands directly on Halloween.

1. Setting up your Sacred Space

The ritual begins with your altar. Clean the room in which you will perform this ritual to get rid of old stagnant energy. Sage the space and set intentions to call in your ancestors.

What you will need:

- Trinkets of your loved ones who have passed

- Photos, jewelry, heirlooms, anything known to be loved by your ancestors

- White or Black Candle

- Your favorite incense

- Salt or dirt

- Ceremony Goblet or glass for water

- Book of Shadows/ Notebook

- Pen

- Mugwort as a sacred offering

- Dried leaves, acorns, or nuts

- Skulls or bones to connect to the land of the dead

Use your intuitive gifts to decorate your altar. There is no wrong way to set up your altar. Choose a direction north, east, south, or west that best suits your space.

2. Cast your circle and invoke the 4 elements

  • Earth (North) Sprinkle salt around you in a circle

  • Close your eyes and visualize a green orb encompassing your circle

Mamma Gia. Pacha mamma. Earth Mother. We call upon you tonight to provide us with a stable ground of support and stability. We thank you for being the soil of our lives to grow and manifest our intentions and desires. We call upon all the Earth elementals and gnome beings to be present with us tonight to bring forth prosperity magick in all areas of our lives. May our home, loved ones, business, career, and communities be blessed with this green orb of light. As above so below, AHO and so it is.

  • Air (East) Light your Incense

  • Visualize a yellow orb encompassing your circle

Winds of the East we call upon you tonight to be the wind beneath our wings so that we may stretch ourselves and soar across the lands of our dreams. May you support us in the magick of new beginnings as we bring forth our desired life and let it manifest from the source of our highest good. May you bring us the wisdom from the heavens above as we fly high across the sky like the great warrior eagle. As above so below, AHO and so it is.

  • Fire (South) Light Candle

  • Visualize a Red flame burning around your circle

Blessed fire, we welcome your light into our lives tonight. We call upon you to transform our fears into courage. We ask that you burn our limiting belief to the rich soil for pacha mamma to transmute it into beautiful lilies. We ask that you ignite your passion into our hearts as we learn to speak self-loving thoughts of compassion into our minds. May you bring us the gift of resurrection and change for we welcome the purest form of your energy in our lives. We ask for this. We are ready for this. As above so below, AHO and so it is.

  • Water (West) Drink the Water

  • Visualize A blue orb encompassing your circle

Sacred water. Oh sacred water how you bring your healing gifts to our vessels. We call upon you tonight to cleanse our mind, body, and sprit. To rid us of any negative energies or entities we have taken on from the outside world. May you bless us with a river of love that is always flowing to and through us. As above so below, AHO and so it is.

3. Invoke your ancestors

I _{insert name}___, call upon the Goddess, God, and great almighty spirit to weave through me the lineage of my ancestors for love, support and healing. I ask for the gifts and wisdom of my ancestors to be passed on to me so that I can understand the stories they once told. May these gifts be used for the highest good of all, so mote it be.

4. Closed Eye Visualization

Close your eyes and visualize all of your ancestors surrounding you. Hold their hands and connect with their souls and physical form in which you remember them to be. Feel their emotions, stories and gifts. Once you have felt a deep sense of connection, visualize a white bright flame on a torch that they all bear to you to take on the responsibilities of your lineage. Bow in acceptance with gratitude. Receive this offering and thank them for always being your support team from the other side. Slowly begin to come back into your body and once you feel grounded and complete with your journey open your eyes.

5. Journal your experience

In your book of shadows, journal what you saw and who showed up to visit you.

Answer a few of these questions:

  • What duties might you now have as the torchbearer of your lineage?

  • Where there any emotions that stirred up during this process?

  • What information do you now have about your ancestors that you did not have before?

  • How will you continue to connect with your ancestors throughout the year?

6. Close your circle

Thank your ancestors for paying you a visit. Wave your hand or crystal wand around your circle and say, this circle is now open.

May this ritual bless you with healing..

Blessed Be

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